So I thought I'd make my first blog post a colourful one. It's not jewellery but I had lots of fun doing this project so thought I'd share!


These trainers look kinda complicated but in fact they're relatively cheap and easy to do, and if I do say so myself, pretty damn cool!

So if you guys have as bad taste as me, and you too would love your very own pair of galaxy patterned shoes, read on dear friends!

Diy galaxy shoes tutorial

You will need:


Converse or dap style trainers are perfect for this. Primark always has them for dirt cheap.


Purples, blues and pinks work well here, but really you can use any colours you fancy.


Nothing special. Any old acrylic paint will do.


Either or. I opted for lidl's finest nail varnish remover. 

Firstly remove the laces. You could probably colour the them to match if you wanted, but I think the contrast in colour looks good here so I left them as is and put them to one side.

Now pick up your sharpies and let's colour these bad boys! 

I started with the tongue first. This should be completely random. Swirling lines and blobs with a bigger proportion of darker colours gives the best effect I felt. Don't worry if this is uneven or has some white patches, it just adds to the effect. Keep going until you've coloured roughly a 2 inch section. 

It's now it's time to grab the nail varnish remover or rubbing alcohol.

Carefully drop the nail varnish remover on to the just coloured area a few drops at a time. You should notice it starts to blend and bleed together, softening the pen lines. Keep dropping on the nail varnish remover until you're happy with the look. Then it's just a case of moving on to the next section, colouring and repeat

Colouring trainers with sharpies

You could colour the whole shoe in one go before you move on to the blending stage, but I felt doing this in smaller sections made it easier to control the effect and to blend the colours. As you can see below your colouring doesn't need to be perfect. 

Blending sharpies with nail varnish

Once you've completely coloured and blended both shoes you need to leave them to dry for a few hours. I chose to leave the lace eyelets and rubber trim plain but you could doodle on these areas too if you were so inclined.

Now they should already look pretty awesome with a swirly, tie dye effect and you could wear them as is, but if you want to go the whole hog, grab the white acrylic and add some stars baby!

You can use a brush or cocktail stick to dot, streak and blob the paint on. Mixing the sizes and density of dots and adding a few tiny crosses or stars really adds to the effect. You can even use a stiff toothbrush to spray and flick paint on to your shoe. A hap hazard and random look is what you're going for here. 

Painting stars with white acrylic

Leave the acrylic to dry then you're ready to stick the laces back in and wear your pimped shoes! 

I've no idea how well these will hold up to abuse, but as sharpies are permanent they shouldn't wash out or fade too badly. As an extra precaution you could always coat them in a shoe protection spray.

There as so many variations and options you could do here! I defiinitely plan on doing some more, although perhaps in a different style. I would love to see everyone else's efforts and what you guys might come up with too.

Em x